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Tips to Stretch Tight Shoes

Do you know that wearing a pair of tight shoes can not only make you feel uncomfortable, restrict your activities but also affect badly on your feet? Tight shoes will restrict the blood circulation of your feet, it also obstruct the joint of toes and hurt the feet. Therefore, putting on a fit pair of shoes is the greatest choice for you. However, because of some reasons, you still have to use the tight shoes. Maybe it is the hot style of this season and the stores are already out of the bigger size while you love this style so much. Maybe it has been a long time since you last wore these shoes and now your feet become a little bit bigger. Don’t too worry, you still have the fit ones with the following useful tips.

  1. Use your hair dryer

You already own one of the best hair dryer for your daily fine hair care? Hair dryer is not only an effective tool for our hair but also have a variety of interesting function such as dry wet clothes, flat wrinkle clothes. If you learn carefully about hair dryer tips and tricks, you can find out that it is very helpful for you to solve your tight shoes. Simply, you wear a pair of thick socks and then continue putting on your shoes. Next, you turn on the hair dryer and dry the shoes about 10 minutes, your shoes will be stretched and fit your feet surprisingly due to the heat.aid4172456-728px-Stretch-Shoes-Step-3

  1. Use socks or leftover cloth

You can use your thick socks or take advantage of leftover cloth, then roll them into small rounded pieces like balls and stuff those balls into your tight shoes until shoes are full. Finally, you wait for the day after, take those balls out and see the results.

  1. Use newspaper or other papers

If you do not have leftover cloth or socks while there are many old newspapers in your house, of course, you can use them for replacement. First, you make those papers wet and crumble up into small balls. Then, you try to stuff those balls into your shoes as much as possible until they are full. Remember to avoiding distorting the original shape of your shoes. Finally, you wait until the papers become dry then take them out and see your result.aid238954-728px-Stretch-New-Shoes-Step-9-preview-Version-3

  1. Put on the shoes and walk around your garden

You can also make your shoes stretch out quickly by wearing them and walk around your garden. Before putting on those tight shoes, you should wear thick socks to protect your feet. After a few times walking, your shoes will loosen and if you feel uncomfortable or your feet are painful, you must take off the shoes immediately.

  1. Use rubbing alcohol

You take advantage of the old spray bottle, pour the equal amount of alcohol and water into this bottle. Then you spray this liquid into your tight shoes to make them wet. Then you try on your shoes until the alcohol become dry. Finally, see your result.

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