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Tips on Choosing Walking Shoes for Athletes

Go walking is an easy cheap sport which athletes can practice everywhere. However, a pair of walking shoes is an essential thing, especially for athletes who always have to use it to support for practicing process. Besides introducing how to choose the best walking shoes for women and men, this website also mentions to some tips on choosing walking shoes for athletes.


It will be a valuable experience to choose shoes with “thumb” rule. It should be long from 1 to 1.3 centimeters from a big toe to the top of shoes. Width of the space is similar to length of a thumb. The heel should fit to avoid your feet come out. The instep should be comfortable and safe.

For athletes, they work nearly all their time with walking shoes, so that pressure of the body on the feet is too much. Experts advise that pairs of shoes which don’t have mattress in ankles are good for using daily, especially for basketball athletes. You shouldn’t choose shoes that have too narrow sole because it causes unpleasant feeling and it is not good to keep balance. Sole of walking shoes for athletes is usually thick, light and not absorbent.

Normally, athletes must practice so hard that they always sweat, especially in feet. Therefore, walking shoes which are clear and not absorbent are highly recommended for walkers. You should also check stitches both inside and outside to ensure that you are free and confident to go walking and practice all the time. You may try on before paying and leave the shop. In case you buy online, you must determine exactly size of your feet before buying.

Practicing place is an important thing you should consider. Depending on where you go walking, you have to choose suitable shoes materials and designs. Specialized shoes which are designed to raise heels and insteps are used by most athletes and coaches. If you go walking in the suburbs or in the villages, all you need are suitable shoes.

You shouldn’t buy shoes which are too cheap or too expensive because the price doesn’t decide to shoes’ convenience and usage’s aim. As a usual, it is impossible make a comparison between a cheap and an expensive pair of shoes about quality, but it is wasteful to pay about $1000 for a pair of shoes just basing on your hobby.

Another experience for buying shoes is that you should buy in familiar shops. In addition, there are many kinds of shoes on the market now, so it is recommended to choose famous brands of walking shoes in order to get the best quality for your shoes. Some famous brands such as Adidas, Levi’s and Converse are chosen by both most customers and athletes.

To keep going walking regularly, a suitable pair of walking shoes will support so much for walkers, especially athletes. To ensure that you have the best walking shoes, you can refer to choose walking shoes for men and women which indicates personal features of them.

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