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How To Choose Fashionable And Safe Climbing Shoes

Tourism is one of the most favorite pleasures of many people. One of the activities that the young are fond of taking part in is climbing. How to go climbing comfortably and wholeheartedly? The answer is that you should choose for yourselves a suitable, fashionable and safe pair of shoes.


Climbing shoes are types of shoes which are specially designed to help you conquer the icy snowy mountains. It has the designs with nails at the upper parts. Sometimes climbing shoes have plastic rings around the ankles to protect like ski boots, inside is made from materials which can keep warm very well. Nevertheless, if you have to walk a long day, these types of shoes are not encouraged to choose. Let learn some characteristics of shoes structure.

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Hiking Boot Weight: The weight of the shoes. When choosing shoes to buy, you should pay attention to their weight because if a pair of shoes is too heavy, it will make your trip get troubles. Therefore, you should choose shoes with lightweight as much as possible, it will help your feet move more easily and flexibly. Many types of research show that an additional 1g of your shoes is equivalent to 5g of your backpack.

Water Resistance: Resistance to suffer from the water of your shoes. Moisture is known as one of the enemies of the shoes. High level of moisture can make the skin of your feet desquamate because of rubbing with the shoes. Shoes need be made from dry and clear materials so that moisture can easily escape from the shoes to the outside environment. However, these materials need also be waterproof to prevent your shoes from water of the outside.

Lateral rigidity: Hardness of edge. Shoes need to ensure to be hard enough in order to protect your feet and ankles when contacting with the uneven surface. Types of shoes that have high necks will be able to protect your ankles better.

Longitudinal rigidity: Shoes should have enough hardness level so that the soles will not be bent when you have to bring heavy things. In addition, shoes need also ensure enough smoothness to grip well when you walk.

Arch Support: Shoes should be fit your feet as well as do not become flat when you carry heavy things. If necessary, you can add a gasket along the soles of the feet to increase the hug for shoes, which makes you comfortable while moving

– Upper: Uppers are the adjacent parts to the toe part, adjacent to the reed of shoes and stretching into two sides of the shoes. The uppers must protect feet as well as absorb all force acting on the uppers accidentally. Moreover, uppers also are able to be waterproof and dry.

Soles: Soles are the lower parts of the shoes and they contact directly with every types of surface. When choosing shoes, you should carefully consider the soles in order to choose the suitable shoes for your trip. Most soles are made from rubber to increase friction as well as avoid wear. In order to create friction, people design the soles with deep grooves and sharp thorns. On the slippery surfaces, the more rubber spikes, the more friction increase and this helps you avoid slipping.

In soft surfaces, the rubber notches will push deeply down to help the shoes grip better. Soles also absorb and disperse the other shock to avoid affecting to the feet. They should be hard but also need to be soft enough so that people can walk or move naturally.

To sum up, you need to consider carefully before choosing shoes which are suitable for your trip.

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