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Best Roller Hockey Skates 2016 Review

With a large number of skates on the market today, we have made a list of what we think are the best 5 roller hockey skates right now:

Bauer RH X300R Skate SR

The Bauer RH X300R Skate SR is a new entry level model which offers great value at a very affordable price. The X300R has the most supportive quarter package at its’ price range thanks to its’ updated XRib design which was inspired by the Bauer’s OD1N project. Bauer X300R skate SR also comes with signature Hi Lo Vanguard Ventilator frame. It has large wheels at the back than at the front, which offers a very aggressive stance for great explosive power. The Bauer X300R Skate SR is based on balanced agility and it incorporates proprietary advanced technologies from Bauer. Bauer X300R features Tech nylon 1/4 package which includes the closed cell ankle pad which provides high levels of stability and comfort. Its’ standard comfort foot bed is very comfortable and it creates a great balance control zone for faster turns and maneuvers. The skate’s outer sole uses a TPR construction, and is strong, durable, and it protects the feet from impacts and slashes. Its’ HI Lo vanguard ventilator frame is also very strong and durable.

Features and Benefits:
-It has a very supportive quarter package; A tech nylon with thermo formed XRib pattern with an abrasion guard.
-The lining material is made of brushed nylon.
-The ankle padding consists of closed cell.
-The tongue construction is anatomical 1 piece felt.
-It has a standard comfort footbed.

Tour Hockey Senior Fish Bonelite 225

Hockey is a game that requires speed and precision and the Tour Hockey Senior Fish Bonelite 225 Inline Skates provide just that. These skates provide you with great speed and customizable ankle support which offers the stability and comfort you need in order to give your best when playing. The 225 skates are well equipped with deluxe comfort padding on the inside and the quick dry lining keeps your feet dry and cool even in hot temperatures. As a matter of fact, the 225’s are among the most affordable hockey skates in the market with a keen focus on comfort, quality and durability. These skates are perfect for both professional and casual hockey players.

Tour gave the 225 skates a pro inspired white felt tongue which has substantial thickness which is backed with injected foams, thus making it hard to beat given its’ price range. Its’ nylon 1/4 package works great with the injected outer sole, giving the wearer a comfortable and sturdy feel.

Features and Benefits:
-The skates have composite reinforced boots with ankle supports for enhanced protection.
-They have deluxe comfort padding along with quick dry liners for a sweat free, comfortable feeling.
-They have a Tour aluminum power track Tri coil system.

Tour Hockey Thor 909

When playing hockey it’s important to have the comfort you need so as to deal with the quick action challenges that one faces frequently. When you buy the Thor 909 inline hockey skates, you’ll soon discover that its’ EVA padding with the lining that’s quick to dry is the ideal solution for your sweaty feet. Regardless of just how hot the hockey action gets, these skates will keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. The Tour Hockey Thor 909 Inline Skates are actually the last of “Thor” line and they will provide great protection and comfort for anyone looking to start enjoying the hockey sport.

These skates have a frame which has been well constructed from aluminum, meaning they’re lightweight and will give you great maneuverability. This is a vital feature because if the skates are way too heavy, you will get fatigued much more quickly, and your ankles might even start to ache. The skates offer a neat aerodynamic design which angles forward to encourage proper stride. The Tour 909’s tongue is derived from the traditional black felt. The wearer’s shin pads can easily fit both in front and behind the tongue. The skate’s interior is lined with a nylon mesh which wicks away any moisture thus providing the player with great comfort. There is a TPR (thermo plastic rubber) outer sole that’s placed at the skate’s bottom and it provides a little give which is ideal for beginners who have not yet fully mastered their stride. The outer sole holds a Tour made frame which is able to hold 4 to 76mm wheels. The skate’s consistent wheel size enables a fluent stride which makes it much easier for the skater to maintain proper balance. Tour also added their very own Force wheels which can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Features and Benefits:
– The Tour Thor 909 come with a great deluxe EVA comfort padding.
– Reinforced ankle stabilizer along with a quick dry lining.
– Aluminum 6000 series frames along with force speed formula wheel with abec7 race series.

Tour Hockey BoneLite 500

If you’re looking for hockey skates that are definitely going to get you noticed, then you are very fortunate to have come across this review. The Tour Hockey BoneLite 500 Inline are lightweight, durable, and they have very high performance features. They have a Tuff skin exterior which protects the skater’s ankle and foot. The Tuff skin exterior also maximizes the life of the skates, keeping them intact for a long time. The skates are available in white or black, and both have very eye catching red detailing.

These skates are more than just good looking, they have a multitude of great features all of which are designed to offer great comfort and support. They boast the Anatomical comfort fit system, and also a composite ankle reinforcer. The frame which carries the skate is a Labeda Hum’er eviction, which gives the skates great durability and functionality and durability. Another key feature, is the Tour’s custom lateral support stabilizer which allows the player to be agile, make quick cuts, and easily crossover whilst keeping the ankles and heels stable in the skates. Also if you’re looking for speed and precision, these magnificent skates will not disappoint. The Tour Hockey Bonelite 500 Inline Skates actually have the best value for money combined with a brilliant look. These are the most ideal skates for any hockey player.

Features and Benefits:
– An anatomical comfort fit system.
– Lightweight Tuff skin exterior.
– Custom lateral support stabilizer.
– DPS which lowers the player’s center of gravity.
– Pro level big wheel technology.
– They look really really good.

Bauer/Mission Inhal DS7

A skate’s construction is key in just how it performs, since you can have a great frame, great outer sole and fantastic wheels, but if the 1/4 package isn’t of good quality, you are going to lose lots of power in your strides. The Bauer/Mission Inhal DS7 skates are built to offer great comfort, superb breathability and they have great quarter package quality. Moreover, the skates are designed with Inhaler ventilated quarters along with toe cap. They offer Hilo street wheels and are readily available for juniors, youths, and seniors.

-The quarter package is anatomically formed.
-It has a brushed nylon liner.
-It is available in many different sizes.

Hockey never seems to diminish in popularity, however, there is one thing that is an absolute must, and that is the right skates. When buying inline skates, you should make sure that the skates you buy have all the features you need to fully protect your feet. The skates should also provide you with enough support, comfort and be able to always keep your feet cool and dry. The skate’s wheels are also very important, especially if you’re going to be playing outdoors; make sure you look for durability. The above reviewed hockey skates are the best in the market and they have all these attributes and more. Buy yours today, and add more excitement to your hockey game.

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