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Indoor Soccer Shoes & Futsal Shoes: Best Reviews 2015

Indoor soccer is at the peak of its popularity at the moment. Players of all levels are now realizing that it is a lot easier to jump in a quite small sided game and get a very fast paced workout. The weather pattern has also left several players without an option but to find an indoor facility. Whether it is Futsal or just a regular version, playing indoor soccer is played across the divide, includingkids, men, women, boys and girls. If weather is problem, all you ever wanted is a good venue and the right pair of shoe to play the all those games.When you do not have the right footwear that fits a harder court, it will be very tough to be in control as you change directions and chop at pace. Otherwise without the comfort you won’t accomplish much.Shoes from brands like Nike and Adidas are synthetic, they have a rubber sole and they have a soft vamp which meets breathable mesh that delivers absolute comfort.

We take a look at the best shoes which are available in the market currently. With an increasingly dynamic and ever changing market, we make an evaluation of the current releases and bring you a list of the current best indoor soccer shoes with great performance.

Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes

Freefootball Speedtrick

adidas freefootball speedtrickWith the Adidas Free Football Speedtrick it’s not too farfetched to think that Adidas just told an abstract artist to let his imagination fly and then put on paper whatever came to his mind. While these shoes look quite abstract, it seems they are very well thought out, since they can help a lot with controlling the ball. The choice of colors, ranging from lime yellow with red and black to lime green and neon blue is spot on, since it goes along with the sporty feel so few companies these days know how to correctly implement in their shoes.


The most impressive thing about these shoes is how they can naturally mold to your feet, but also their flexibility which allows you to take your game to a whole new level. For instance, you may initially think the sole looks quite ugly, but its uncommon design adds a lot to the shoe’s ability to grip on various types of surfaces since it provides a larger traction area. You’ll also love the toe groove which in my opinion, adds a bit of extra bend that makes them perfect if you want to see how great of a football player you really are.


These shoes stick true to size and if you have a large foot, then good news for you, since these have a lot of space for your toes to fit comfortably. However, don’t get me wrong here: you could have a blast with them in any indoor court and be impressed with how it feels to have them on. Most of the times though you’re going to realize that they’re more of a great choice for those who love to play whenever someone throws a ball in front of them, even if that’s on hard asphalt or turf.


The Adidas Free Football Speedtrick are a very flexible pair of shoes and because of that, you can use them on just about any surface, so you don’t have to worry about them being specifically made for indoor use. Thanks to the Touch Compound upper and the versatile sole, these are great for those who love performing great tricks at high speeds. And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then you’re probably right: these are made for very skilled players and because of that are going to fare very well no matter how aggressively they’re used.

Mundial Goal

adidas mundial goalWith the new Mundial Goal sports shoes it’s obvious that Adidas went for the gold and everything about this pair screams elegance and performance. The leather on the Mundials looks really good and even if you had a rough day with them, giving them a short polishing will make them look as good as new.

Compared to other sports shoes from Adidas and in general, one thing you’ll love about them is that the logo isn’t flaunted. In fact, you’re only going to find it in 3 places on the upper. And while some people aren’t bothered by the presence of logos, when they aren’t in your face it just makes the shoes more classy.


If you plan on using the Mundials indoors, then you’re going to be very content with their performance. They can easily handle a rough use and still be able to help you shoot those precise kicks that usually change the score. And if you looked carefully, you may initially think the 3 stripes are for decorative purposes, but then again they do improve the grip which can make a world of a difference in a tight game.


For a soccer shoe, you’ll find the Mundial Goal to be quite a balanced and above average pair in terms of comfort, but don’t expect to feel like you’re walking in pillows when you put them on. Rest assured though, as these are going to form very well on your feet and speaking of feet, they seem to be the perfect match for wide footed players.


Durability wise, the Mundial Goal comes with a real kangaroo leather upper and the glue that bonds the shoes together is not the cheap type you can find in other brands. Just make sure that you don’t use these in the rain though, since this has the potential of damaging the upper and the glue to the point they won’t be as comfortable to wear anymore.

Samba Classic

adidas samba classicThe Adidas Samba Classic was designed to be an all-terrain sports shoe and with this series the company decided to make a soft flex shoe that is equipped with the latest advancements in the shoes industry. Therefore, the Samba Classic comes with an active heel harness, the RECCO avalanche rescue technology and a Continental rubber sole to make this a simple, yet classy pair of shoes you’ll be delighted to wear on a daily basis.


One thing you should know about the Samba Classic is that in order to get the best out of them, you need to break them in first. These are really extraordinary shoes and respond very well when you need that extra grip to accelerate or stop. On top of that, the upper is quite solid and will easily withstand any indoor challenges, but mostly you’re going to love these for how they behave when shooting or passing.


When you’ll first take them out of the box, you’re going to notice a slight stiffness about them and that’s why we mentioned earlier that it’s best to break them in before they become really comfortable and perform at their best. Past this point and you’re looking at a very comfortable pair of shoes that doubles as an everyday shoe that many have dubbed the Hummer in terms of comfort. And hey, who could argue with them?


The Samba Classic come with plenty of padding which means this is a pair of shoes that’s very well protected, but overall this is going to take away from the feel and touch of the ball. Durability is furthermore increased by the suede toe cap that you’ll notice it wraps around the front of the shoe and then goes up along the exterior of the lacing. Because of that, you’ll benefit from top protection when shooting, particularly if you like to strike powerful shots.

Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

Elastico Finale III

nike elastico finale iiiFlashy and tacky, they are basically Elastico Finale III is one of the brightest pairs of shoes Nike has ever produced and it’s certainly going to make everyone stare at your feet. The leopard print style immediately attracts attention and gives the shoes a sense of agility, while adding to their overall interesting look. Also, there’s no Nikeskin on these bad boys so you’ll find that cleaning them is going to be much easier. Lastly, in terms of color choices, these shoes feature a 2 color split design with black, bright laser orange and black laces.


Traction is a major concern for Nike and that is why for the Elastico Finale III they went for a different pattern compared to their previous versions. Therefore, the outsole features small extrusions that are even on the entire surface of the outsole. They are also connected between them by a small and thing extruded line of rubber. Overall, you’ll find the traction to perform very well and you’ll rarely find yourself losing control of the ball at high speeds.


The construction of the Elastico Finale III is something new and it’s never been done before, but they sure do feel good when you put them on. In fact, if you hold them in your hand you’ll notice just how thin they are and how flexible the entire sole really is. And if you look through the front half of the shoes, you’ll notice there is basically no midsole and the only padding you’re going to get is that provided by the insole. As a result, these shoes are going to feel barefoot allow you to feel very comfortable while wearing them.


These shoes are designed for both turf and indoor use, so you can easily use them both on the inside and outside. For instance, indoors you won’t have any issues with them and the rubber sole is going to hold up pretty well. However, you’ll find that in time some of the paint on the swoosh is going to people away, but this won’t affect the longevity or durability of the shoes. However, when used for street soccer, these will wear and tear faster, so keep that in mind.

Elastico Superfly IC

nike elastico superfly icThe new Nike Elastico Superfly look amazing and they can certainly help you play better especially if your next game is going to be played on turf. Design wise, these shoes are not only amazing to look at, but if you look closely at the bottom you’ll find that Nike has used the low profile outsole which significantly improves agility and grip. On top, you’ll find the Dynamic Fit Collar which is designed for locking down your foot so that you can better control your moves while running.


The Elastico Superfly is a pretty low profile shoe with improved speed and traction that allow you to better manipulate the ball. The superior traction in this model was made possible due to the new rubber compound Nike used for the outsole. On top of that, it seems they also updated the traction pattern. However, what you’ll really love is the addition of the new dynamic collar that completely changes the way the shoes feel when worn. In fact, they make you move more fluently and faster, but they also help a lot when striking the ball.


The Nike Superfly are as comfortable as it can get and when you’re first going to put them on, you’ll feel the lockdown effect immediately since they securely wrap around your feet. This effect is then enhanced when you’ll tie the laces, making them really comfortable no matter how many hours you’re going to spend on the football field. And since they weigh only 8.4 ounces, you’re going to forget that you have them on.


In terms of durability, the Superfly feature a durable rubber outsole and come with an extra a layer of Nikeskin. Since there is no plastic anywhere, they are going to withstand a lot of wear and tear no matter how aggressive you want to play.

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