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Hi guys! I am Amber. It is my pleasure to share you my love and my experiences about shoes which are mainly used for sports in this site.

You know, I am a woman, however, unlike almost other ones; my most favorite kind of shoes is not the beautiful and sexy high heels but the sporting shoes. I am always attracted by strong shoes which make me feel comfortable and easy to move around more than the other kinds such as high heels or boots or doll shoes which often make women become more luxurious or womanly or lovely. I have recently watched a video in which men tried to wear high heels and went everywhere with them in order to know the difficulties that the women had to suffer from because of wearing high heels every day. I really admire them a lot because they can wear such shoes all the long day. For me, sporting shoes are my faith because I can not wear high heels but want to go everywhere without difficulties or problems with my feet. Nevertheless, I used to get very painful for my feet because they were not put on suitable shoes although they were not high heels or boots which could make our feet painful easily but the sporting ones. The reason was that I got a pair of shoes for sporting without observing and choosing carefully as well as checking them cautiously. As a result, all my feet swelled up and were very sore right after I just ran a little. Yet I do not give up these convenient and strong shoes but find the ways to correct my mistakes. I find out some extremely useful and helpful advice which assists me to choose the right shoes for my feet.

For more information, welcome you to my website to get useful advice along with helpful tips when choosing the suitable shoes to protect our feet. If you have any suggestions or discussions, please email me at the address

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